“We don’t do ordinary or ‘good enough’ and we never repeat ourselves.

This is where we make magic happen.”

That first moment a guest walks into a space – That’s the moment we live for.

We’re specialists in gob-smacking Space Transformation; in creating 360-degree environments that assault the senses and set the tone.

We have them at hello.

The right theming creates an authentic ambience filled with corporate theatre. We design rooms to move guests both physically and emotionally because we believe people remember how they felt long after they forget what you told them.

From linen to lighting design and centerpieces to centre-stage – we help you strike the balance between style and brand and work with your budget to prioritise elements that create maximum impact.

Consistency is key and themes should extend to stage. From sleek corporate to abstract fantasy, our state-of-the-art stage sets, equipment, draping and design will ensure your broadcasting your product and performance from a premium platform.

We are creative dreamers with a fearless approach. We visualise your dream, listen to it’s colour and paint beyond expectation.

We never over-promise, we always over-deliver.

  • Backdrops
  • Draping
  • Centrepieces
  • Table settings (stand-up or sit-down)
  • Linen
  • Entrance statements
  • Ceiling features
  • Stage sets
  • Stage equipment
  • Dancefloors
  • Event props
  • Event accessories
  • Pre-function areas
  • Lounge zones
  • Bars and DJ booths
  • After party areas
  • Room features

Themeing and Staging