Welcome to a world-class, full-service force in integrated event creation and production. Dreamweaver’s build enduring partnerships and harness the best talent to deliver unforgettable events and engaging conferences in Australia and internationally.  We are constantly reinventing ways for people to learn, develop, network, honour, reward, unite, engage, collaborate, showcase, reflect and make a difference.   We offer a unique event staging, theming and design to engage and delight. We inspire with creativity and weave with a raw passion to deliver full-service events to exceed beyond client expectation.

We’ve never been big on strategic spin, we’re straight shooters with our head in the clouds, our heart on our sleeve and our feet firmly on the ground. We bring your events the best in management, latest in technical and audio-visual production, creative theming and full-service event production and management to ensure your events are the ones worth talking about.

We live in a world where big challenges are big opportunities and we deal in an experiential currency where entertainment and emotion meet message and brand. Large corporate gala dinners, product launches, significant events… We’ve got your event management and production covered.

180 years of collective experience, 24 expert creators and producers,
4500 events over 20 years – All adds up to numbers you can trust.

You’ve got one shot to nail your successful event and we take that seriously!

Join multi-national big-name brands and some of Australia’s biggest corporate power-players on the cutting edge of event management and production with Dreamweavers, your trusted event creators and producers.