“Technology moves fast.
Our inventory capital program moves faster.“

Technology plays a pivotal role in the success of your event. You need to get this right!

Knowledge, experience and expert production skills are required for seamless integration of your conference or event. This isn’t about pushing black buttons on time; this is a creative art where innovative design can make all the difference.

We’ll help you navigate through complicated terms and complex inventory lists and translate technical jargon into language we all understand.

We partner with the world’s top audio-visual and technology suppliers including Christie digital, Shure wireless systems and LSC lighting to name a few. With full ownership of our state-of-the-art audio-visual inventory, our team know our products inside and out. We don’t believe in learning systems on the fly.

We pride ourselves on matching the right solutions for ALL events to deliver messages loud and clear while juxtaposing discrete, subtle moments with high-impact drama for technical production that takes guests on a journey.

  • Audio:
    With the perfect array of audio systems to compliment every event environment, we deliver clear and crisp solutions that capture the best detail from your keynote speakers through to ‘bringing the thunder’ from your headline act. From petite and discrete speaker systems to loudspeaker line arrays, our selection is always backed by the right front of house console and professional microphone system to deliver a quality product every time you hear us.
  • Video:
    Projection, plasma or LED, it’s all about the pixels, let us do the homework and help you determine the right choice for your event space. We deliver pixel for pixel every time to ensure you get the right balance of colour and brightness for a picture-perfect presentation. Widescreen full HD; super wide projection mapping and abstract blending LED design; video has the power to create incredible impact and wow factor. Open your mind to creative new ideas and possibilities for your next event by talking to our event experts today.
  • Lighting:
    Providing light in your space is just the base of the platform, designing a show is where we make all the difference. Our team of skilled directors and lighting designers can help you create a spectacular lighting environment tailored to your event style and theme. From clean corporate to dazzling displays, we’ll work your budget for maximum results.
  • Social Media and Audience Interaction:
    2 billion people around the world currently own smartphones and the ability to creatively connect and engage with your audience and beyond is mind-blowing! Our team can customise and integrate social media solutions and audience interaction platforms to ensure your next event will truly harness the power of the digital era.
  • Pre and Onsite Production Management:
    We have the knowledge and we’re ready to spill. We’ve worked inside most venues and event spaces in Australia and can share the advantages and limitations of each with first-hand experience and an unbiased view. Combining these insider tips with scaled floor plans, 3D CAD design and rendering, you’ll be across every event and production detail before we even arrive on site. Working closely with venues and event suppliers, we manage all aspects of your technical production and ensure no stone is left unturned. Organising and delivering your technical production can be a daunting process for the untrained eye. Our team of expert production managers maintain an honest, open and approachable delivery of your pre-production and ensure all information is presented in a clear manner we can all understand. The right personnel is key to producing seamless, stress-free productions. Dreamweaver’s Technical grooms the highest quality technicians widely recognised as the very best in the business.

 handles supply; installation, expert operation and management through one dedicated project manager to oversee your logistical management from start to finish.

Technical Production