What inspires us? The work we do and the people we collaborate with.

We’ve assembled the best in the business where skill, experience and a level-head must combine with edge, quirk and creativity. Our people weave art into enterprise.

We’re smart, witty, friendly and capable. We’re driven by relationships, solutions and breathtaking moments. From inception to execution, we have an incredible ability to anticipate your needs.

Working extensively in the local, national and international market, our team brings a unique insight into global event trends. We successfully sew fantasy and fun into class and cause to deliver turn-key solutions that are bang for buck and bang on brand.

In this fast-paced, ever-evolving industry, smart and savvy operators surround themselves with the right people. Want to build castles in the sky? Choose the right foundation.

John Harris

Founder, Managing Director, Producer

Creative eye, strategic mind, logistical hand – big heart.

With a fearless approach and a drive to be ‘different’, John Harris takes things personally. He rewards ‘a leap of faith’ with complete satisfaction and peace of mind turning repeat business into bread and butter and clients into friends.

john-harris-dreamweaverJohn built Dreamweavers from the ground up with a simple vision – deliver brilliant, purposeful and risk-free events that meet needs and achieve goals. He’s been kicking them ever since.

After 3 decades on the frontline, John has travelled the world, learned hard lessons, worked with some of the biggest corporate identities and surrounded himself with a team of remarkably gifted specialists.

Industry iconoclast with a real-world perspective, John bucks against traditional service standards and the fragmented approach to integrate state of the art technology with vision and the kind of creative ‘eye candy’ that burns events into memories.

From humble beginnings to a dynamic and thriving empire, John Harris continues to evolve and transition and remains both the suit and the sweat, the brains and the brawn, the deliverer of dreams and our seasoned hand at the helm.